• Ivan SQ

Addicted To Fail

Yes… I really think I'm getting addicted to fail. It's just the fact that I'm failing since I was just a kid... My parents always taught me to do whatever i wanted to do, so i did that, but doing that comes with a life full of fails and mistakes and the huge responsibility to fix them and learn from them.

I've had big fails in my business, i've had big fails as a son, as a friend, with my girl, in my job, actually... I've had really big fails in everything during my short life (very short life).

I think i have started to feel good when my "friends" or the people around me throw shit at me about my mistakes or my fails... because nothing feels better to come back from the dirt and show them how I got over it... and obviously, it's not just that... you are now a different person. You are now a so much better human.

Of course you need a purpose in life, something you stand for, something you just want to achieve. That’s the only thing that will turn your mistakes into lessons.

I think my Fuck Ups are the ones that keep me moving forward, the ones that keep me getting better, the ones that keep me growing. And I will always thank God for them.

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